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Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

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Felt good to get on the XC skis again!....Snow was pretty easy to break trail through....Could get a nice kick/glide once I looped around to my tracks....  

I don't know how much we got here but it's a good amount.  Still snowing hard but now sleet mixed in.  Just got done shoveling some and took the jeep for a drive    Kid was excited to help s

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9 minutes ago, Benm said:

heard the plow about 15 min ago... i don't really think there is that much snow.

radar looks like it'll be wrapping up soon, at least here.

I heard the plow trucks and tow trucks are out in force.  People suck at driving in the snow.  

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3 hours ago, toast21602 said:

I love this. I can't wait to track storms like this again.

Well, since its 2020, this storm should clobber Carlisle, then mysteriously make a 90 degree turn, head due south and give North Carolina 20” of snow. 

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3 hours ago, PSUFly said:

Crazy fog this morning.   I fished south Jersey till a little after 5 this morning.   Had a hard time seeing thru the fog to get home 

It was very foggy coming back from Blue over the mountains, and difficult to see anything at the top of Vista.

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