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the pics from today thread


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Just now, toast21602 said:

Is this true? Or is this like I've never watched the Simpsons? 

Yes it’s true...i understand some like yo use them to keep their hands from getting cold or to drink discreetly in public but I’m not one of those people.  I used to have a Pewter beer mug but now just have my jack and coke glass...and I don’t always drink jack and coke out of it cause I’m wild and crazy. 


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9 minutes ago, enjoralas said:

I know no one cares but a couple of Spring Mountain drive by pics to help with the cold weather stoke:

Anyone want to have PASR day at Spring Mountain? Afterwards we can all head to Malvern for supper at the Sloppy Pig.

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3F30FC31-4783-4FA7-8838-A4D112F02D9D.thumb.jpeg.30c82ff5782a7ed8febf67d2168f77ea.jpegYay for windows!  Delivered yesterday exactly one month after they were supposed to be delivered. 


they should be all installed by Friday, then on to siding! 

random picture of the lumber truck. I am sure these delivery guys absolutely hate me 😂

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