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Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

Ride Delaware ?

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33 minutes ago, Ski2Live Live2Ski said:

Gonna see who in the East is willing to put $ into snowmaking after this weekend. The rest may have a very short season. 

My money is on Blue will make snow.  Vail will not, at least in PA and i think for Hunter.  It should be interesting though.  I have seen a bunch that says keep the ski gear waxed up for March.  

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1 hour ago, RidgeRacer said:

Sweet...another mixed precip, ice, rain with a little snow mixed in. Yay for winters in PA 🙄

Better than all rain.  Freezing rain events are fun to watch just not fun to ski and drive in.  Also did you see 3-6” 

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5 hours ago, Ski2Live Live2Ski said:

Definitely getting worried about how much skison we have left at our day trip areas. Glad I got out yesterday.

Time to take the snows off the SUV and check the tire pressure on the bike. 

There’s still 3 weeks left in the PA season...

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Has anybody heard from @Ride Delaware ? who started this thread?  I went into work earlier and it was 70 degrees out and I turned the AC on in my car but in my office the heat was cranking.  I keep it set at 66 so I dropped it to 64 so it would shut off.  Crazy yesterday morning it was cold out early, there was still midwinter ski conditions and even fresh manmade Perder..and on Tuesday will be back to semi winter again.  Let’s hope for one nice snowstorm for March and luckily looking like more snow this week in Colorado falalalala..

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7 minutes ago, toast21602 said:

Tomorrow will be a light refresher, but the buoy is showing some movement for Saturday night that shouldn’t be overlooked just yet. @Ski2Live Live2Ski don’t take your snow tires off you Debbie Downer. 

Just made a Sat Nt refundable (til 4pm Friday) hotel reservation near Catamount in case the snow Saturday warrants driving up Sat AM to ski Sat PM and Sunday on my IndyPass.

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2 hours ago, RidgeRacer said:

I may do a non refundable Wed nt RAW dawg post storm sesh...on my BluePass.

Let us know how it is. I can't imagine any snow will be able to stick to the frozen hellscape that is Coming Soon. 

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