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Skison 20/21?


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15 hours ago, Mixilplix said:

Probably more are successful at it than you think...and it depends on what you define as successful ....Do you think he edits his own vids and uploads them...Not a fan of Patreon and marketing shitty product..I wonder if they really use the stuff they market..and rarely do you see them give a bad review on stuff that they were given to try out and review...

Everyone's free to do with what they want with their money, whether it be an intelligent decision or not... 😉

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3 minutes ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

See that smile, you’re happy...correct.  

I was very happy during our Steamboat trip. It was outta sight. Now if I woke up from our Villa one morning and saw that line, my frown wouldn't have turned upside down and I would have sat around all day eating pumpkin pie instead.

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15 minutes ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

Well this season crowds are increased(no limits on Ikon passholders) and capacity is reduced.  

The only way I would stand in that line would be if @eaf was there with me and we could both throw the biggest bitch fit ever as we stand there for 2 hours while watching singles continuously file into the 8 person gondola cars.

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2 hours ago, RidgeRacer said:

Not for anything but if I got on a plane, then drove 4 hours or whatever it is from Denver to steamboat just to wait in that line id be annoyed.

Well I’m sure most of those folks are just happy to be in some concrete plaza in the mountains wearing semi waterproof gear. 

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9 hours ago, enjoralas said:

They got dumped after it’s been low tide all winter, right? Not too shocked by that


9 hours ago, Kyle said:

It’s like going to the beach on a sunny 4th of July Saturday.... 

Both correct.  They also dont have a reservation system at all, so inherently this is the outcome.  

There are people on here that bitched about going somewhere that they would have to make a reservation for.  " i aint gonna do that bullshit" is the quote if i remember correctly.  At the same time they are the ones bitching about a line up at a ski resort they have no intention to ski at anyways.  Its very infrequent in life that you can have things both ways.   This is a prime example.  

Lets just get used to the fact Powder days = lines.  pretty much anywhere.  

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