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3/21..party day.

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In all seriousness, today was excellent. Razors was ROTD all day long, parking lot was a lot of fun, the company in the lot was even better. Thanks @enjoralas and @JFskiDan for cooking the food and thanks to everyone else for providing a good time. Top 3 day for me for sure. 

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19 minutes ago, tarponhead said:

I missed most of the festivities but all I can say is Enjoralas’s truck with the smoker tied down on the back was a thing of beauty

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Smoker ratchet-strapped down in the bed and sous vide making scallops in the front seat. I’m a high tech redneck.

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4 minutes ago, toast21602 said:

Didn’t ski anything but the Big Foots today. Truly a dream come true.  



That was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever witnessed. You were RIPPING those things for multiple runs 

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Since I have a couple minutes to kill here at Blue waiting to boot up I’ll post a little report from yesterday.  


I arrived at the lower lot at around 715am and already about a half dozen PASRs in the house.  I had a donut, a couple mimosas, a couple beers and a breakfast sandwich then hit the snow around 9am.  It was mainly loose and frozen granuler conditions and I skied Razors, challenge, sidewinder paradise and Main street.  I also had my first lift beer of the season.  


Back to the lot and i had three shots of peanut butter whiskey, more beer and had roast beef, strip steak, brisket, a slider and a few other things. I’m looking forward to losing some weight this ski season was not kind to my portly figure with a lot of Sheetz, McDonald’s breakfasts and chic Fil A to and from Blue along with a lot of beer and jack Daniels.  


Music ranged from 90s music to rap my favorite was the my neck my back my pussy and my crack...that song is a banger.  I didn’t go out for a second session as I was pretty intoxicated and wasn’t feeling it. Sobered up with white girl seltzer...rapped a little, danced a little...drank a lot of water and Gatorade on the drive home..I wanted Rita’s but the line was pretty long. All in all it was a fun PASR party day and basically everybody but Root and Phillycore were there.  I had to remind myself a few times that it wasn’t closing day.  JADIP...

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What a day yesterday. That's what it's all about. Absolutely everything was perfect yesterday. PASR party day is easily one of my top 5 days of the entire year, including Christmas. 

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