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the pics from today thread


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15 hours ago, antman12 said:

Unpopular post from a guy who loves dogs..

F*** that guy. Why do people think it’s acceptable to bring their dogs everywhere?

He’s friends with the owner.  Plus he’s old, pretty soon I’ll be old and then I’ll really do whatever the fuck I want..

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8 minutes ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

How’s the house? 

Really nice!  Builder has about 2 more weeks of finish work that he will bust out when I leave for the weekend. Been coming up last few weeks to move stuff in. 

It’s so quiet and peaceful up here. I don’t have to see people if I don’t want to which I admit is nice sometimes. 

Tree guy has a few more days of clean up scheduled. And is going to cut this huge pile into firewood for me. 



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1 hour ago, saltyant said:

Today I parked my car and right when I got out, an empty Yoo-hoo can blew across the parking lot and stopped right next to me for a photogenic picture. I shit you not. Un frickin believable.


Did you pick it up? You should start collecting cans you see to turn in and pay for your parking at Stough.

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