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Thanksgiving weekend roll call thread 11/29-12/1..

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Hey All,


It’s almost Thanksgiving weekend.  Who’s gonna be at Blue mountain the true mountain this friday-Sunday?  Looks like nice comfortable temperatures and no chance of rain until Sunday.  Looks like a 9am opening on Friday and perhaps a 8am opening Saturday and Sunday if this weekend is considered peak.  Should be ok skiing and good beer drinking. 

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I'll be in delco for the holiday fml. hoping to get in some night skiing on Fri when i return. Otherwise I'll need to wait until Sat. 

also, mark your calendars. 12" snow on evening of dec 16. I know this because I have to go into the office Mon/Tues outside PHL and that's my luck.

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7 hours ago, theprogram4 said:

looking like rain this sunday lol.  might have to do a RAW this saturday.  also, i just noticed 10pm closings on weekends are totally gone

I used to hit Camelbeach from 8-10pm and it was always a ghost town after 9.  10pm closings are awesome, but I see why they’re gone.  

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